" Take you to a diverse world in the form of NFTS "


class 2

Weapon Tier 2

Bow of Hope

Sword of the Mountain

bow of hope-01.png
sword of the mountain-01.png

                   How to improve your weapon You must have a basic weapon and required minerals. Bow of hope and Sword of the Mountain requires minerals as follows: Steel , Ordinary Quartz. Steel makes your weapons stronger and more durable. Ordinary Quartz give your weapons additional magical powers. To forge each weapon requires Professional sword blacksmith skills to perfect your weapons. Enhance Skill. When these 4 cards are combined for You will get a weapon that strikes out perfectly.

dagger of shadow

dagger of shadow-01.png

                Long-legged villagers migrate into the human world and are hated by many tribes. Force them to stay in the shadows to survive as gangsters and assassins. Most of the items brought for weapons were stolen from merchants' carriages walking through the forest. Because they didn't have a good blacksmith. As a result, the Long Legs learned how to snatch the stolen items and craft them into weapons. Disassemble and get into Fragments. Handcrafted weapons may not be very good. But there are gems (Yellow Gemstone) that increase the weapon's attack power from looting the houses of the nobles in many cities. Make their weapons have quite strong attack power. Not allergic to weapons equipped by professional blacksmiths.

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