" Take you to a diverse world in the form of NFTS "



        Takes you into the world of card games in the form of NFTs. First of all, we will introduce you to the world of smil. This is a fantasy world where you will meet different characters in different worlds. Characters have battle values on their cards. You can bring those cards to upgrade more. And there are special character cards for you to collect as action cards.

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3 different type

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        Characters will have different occupations. You can combine certain classes of cards to create a new class. But the new class created might not be able to develop as much as the main class. to upgrade that career You must combine equipment cards with character cards, the difficulty depends on the class. Inside the card will tell the character  details. and attack power from weapons 


       There are various equipment cards, weapons, clothing, ores, etc. All cards can be used to develop your character. But the card must be developed to the specified level before it can be used to develop the character. The inside of the card tells you the details of the card, its attack power, and its selling price in that parallel world (Does not affect Crypto)

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class card.png


     Scene cards in parallel worlds. Some cards will be a combination of character cards to get the highest class card, or maybe a secret card that has been mixed up to get the most rare. but mainly for collect. The details of cards can be found on the bottom of the card.