" Take you to a diverse world in the form of NFTS "




       Action cards are cards of cartoon scenes in the world of smil. have for collection There are different roles in that scene. Some cards can be blend to create a secret character or the ultimate class character.

kane the merchant

blend : not applicable

side story

     Alana's Queen She is very mysterious. The inhabitants of the Demon World rarely saw her appearance. Only the fame was heard from one another. She is quite good at war.

     The King's side has sent the princess of the human city as his headman to make peace with Alana. She didn't care much about the princess. But the princess lived a very happy life in the Demon City... ? Or really, the queen is not as scary as she thought.

    Alana City has no human rarely dared to enter. But there are regular deliveries because Kene the Merchant was born here.

Classes :       ??

 Race: Ancient Dragon

Part: Demon


( collab )

blend : not applicable

side story

    Candy Witch It will only come out during Halloween.

Classes : Witch

 Race: Witch

Part: Demon

side story

     Kane was a famous merchant because he was good at speaking and barking. His products are always new. He travels around the world in search of new products. and the travelers who met him I always get rare items from him. 

     Children might see him as a cute race. But it's not what it looks like on the outside During his voyages around the world, bandits frequent thieves stealing goods from his cart. How did he survive? That's a secret..

Classes : Merchant

 Race: Chihuahua

Part: Not between

Queen of Alana

blend : not applicable

side story

           MyKataLuna She is a forerunner in the meffwood forest, because there are many secret dimensions in this forest. Many travelers are lost in this forest. Therefore, there must be a guide in the forest.

          She will always have a white wolf named nytewolf with her. It warns her when danger approaches. On the 22nd day of the full moon. The various dark dimensions within this great forest will open up. It will bring the devil out of that dimension. She had to protect to keep the demons out of the forest.

Classes : Pathfinder

 Race: Human

Part: Humanity

[Halloween event]
Candy Witch

blend : not applicable

[christmas event] Santa Thief

blend : not applicable

side story

      They are children in slum. There isn't much of anything special about the festival. There was only a man dressed in red with long arms and legs. Bring them food and gifts.

      Recently, there is news that a thief dressed like Santa is stealing things in the noble's house!?

Classes : Thief

 Race: long-legged folk

Part: not sure yet